37 Copywriting Books to SHARPEN Your Copy

WARNING: This post contains dangerous weapons… copywriting books that will sharpen your copy for a lifetime… and if you’re committed, they will be the most valuable books ever on your path (read this if you don’t know what copywriting is)

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Whether you’re a new copywriter or you’ve got significant carpal tunnel, these books weapons will continue to sharpen and cut your copy teeth… forever

This list of 37 weapons are categorized into 3 buckets:

  • Legendary (most are dead)
  • Modern-day (most are alive)
  • & Language (more about style)

Let’s dive in…

LEGENDARY: Modern-day copywriters swear by these books.. And rightly so. Some are easier to read than others. Some are more about advertising than actual copywriting. And some we could probably do without… <— that’s a joke. Read ALL of these. Twice. Thrice. 10 times. Ranked by my favorites:

MODERN: Some of these modern-day copywriter are not only alive… but still writing! Well these days most of ’em write daily newsletters that they charge for / host expensive masterminds … I’m a little envious haha! But these copywriters are paving the way for all of us (RIP Gary Halbert). Again… Ranked by my favorites.

LANGUAGE: These are probably the most underrated books on the list (plus… an extra bonus)


Whew… There you go. I know, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. I get it. But don’t be a victim of SOS – shiny object syndrome. Pick a few and get started. You got this.

Also, what books did I miss – Did I leave I out one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

Lastly, below are some related reads to help you become an all-around, better writer.

*RELATED READS* None of these are on copywriting. Learn storytelling, the art of writing itself, how to deal with rejection, tackle content marketing… and very importantly – how to get paid when you’re first starting out!

As you scanned the titles, you may have noticed – it’s essential to read books on… persuasion, sales, marketing, mindset… and literally everything!

The best copywriters read, read and READ some more, but they also read books outside of copywriting… like fiction/non-fiction, magazines, blogs & train ads. Read what your prospects read. Reddit. Quora. Search facebook groups… EVERYTHING.

“Read 500 pages every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds like compound interest”

– Warren Buffet

Thanks Warren (the 3rd richest person with $8.7 trillion kinda knows what he’s talking about). For now, start with this list above. I recommend you start with the ‘greats’ aka the legendary guys. Remember, don’t get distracted by SOS. Order a few on Amazon, and just start reading.

Share the Love & Goodluck

Finally, as you progress and meet other copywriters, ask what books they recommend. And in return, share the books that have impacted you the most. Share the knowledge and we all win. Get reading. And start writing some copy.

As always, like & follow this blog if you haven’t done so already, and please feel free to share the value to your friends and peers on social media.


Albert the copywriter

For copywriting services, please email albert@albertgkurian.com or visit this site.

P.S. Each book is linked to the cheapest version on Amazon – to make sure you save the most money. While in college, I remember scouring the internet for… free pdfs. I’m sure you’ve done it too. Don’t worry we’re all guilty. But, you have another choice to help support authors who have poured their lives out in these books that want to genuinely help you on your journey. Invest in yourself.

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