Content vs. Copywriting: SLAMMING the door once. and. for. all.

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Stare at this picture. Print it out. Post it in your cubicle. Send it to everyone in your marketing, PR and communications teams. Heck, send it to your entire freakin’ company (CC the CEO, your director and that other director that always interrupts you). Share it on your LinkedIn account, it’s yours now, well actually it belongs to… PC: Constant Contact… but they don’t mind if you share 🙂

Read this article if you..

  • never understood the difference between copy and content
  • would like to know said difference
  • are a recruiter or hiring manager that needs some information on hiring content writers, copywriters, etc.
  • and want to know the difference between agency copywriters vs. sales copywriters


Think of ‘copy’ as words that are used to sell.

Think of ‘content’ as words that are used to entertain.

Big difference.

One sells.

The other is ‘cool.’

But you know what’s really cool? Making MONEY.

That comes from copy, folks…

IT’S DEBUNKIN’ TIME: 4 Common Myths… destroyed!

  • Copywriters are bloggers. FALSE – not all copywriters can write blog posts. Some can but would rather not.. and why would they?! … it pays significantly less!
  • If a writer can write blogs and articles, they can easily write copy……… right? FALSE. Not all content writers have been trained to write persuasive copy in the form of advertising, marketing, and selling.
  • You should pay a copywriter equally as a content writer. WRONG – Copywriters give you a higher ROI on your sales. Thus. They get paid more. Most work on fixed fee and/or a pre-negotiated percentage of sales (usually between 3-5%). The best negotiate a fee + a percentage. Nice.
  • Lastly, agency copywriters should write sales letters and website copy… FALSE – most agency copywriters are trained to write ‘entertaining’ words on ads that don’tdirectly correlate to sales… so it looks cool but never results in any sales.

Info to help you find the candidate you need

If you need an article or blog that requires research, SEO keywords, backlinks and generally clear writing that informs or entertains …. you need a CONTENT WRITER.

If you need someone to research latest trends/topics, manage other content writers, make decisions on which content to write about and in what order they get pushed, liaise with marketing strategy, UX team, etc………… you need a CONTENT STRATEGIST.

If you need, let’s say… facebook ads to get customers….…….. you need a COPYWRITER.

Got it?

Let’s do it again.

If you need someone to create content on facebook…………….. content creator.

If you need someone to determine what kind of content your new SaaS startup should produce…..content strategist.

And last but most important, if you need someone to write a pitch deck that convinces investors of your next round of funding for your new SaaS startup…. yup. copywriter.

Lightning round.

You need informative LinkedIn articles? Content writer.

You need help on what you should write on LinkedIn? Content strategist.

You need help writing cold lead messages for your customers via Sales Navigator? Dingdinging.


Awesome. You just learned the power of muscle memory. Use it EVERY TIME you learn.

Good. Now let’s move on to 1 more touchy but important distinction…


Aren’t they the same? You would think so.

Not all copywriters are created equal

Some pose as real copywriters when they couldn’t sell knitting to their own grandma.

Preface: I’m NOT denigrating agency copywriters. They are VERY GOOD at what they do. But most of the times…


Personally, I think they should change their titles to: Creative writers. or short-copy specialists. or tagline writers. or slogan writers. I would even accept Creative Copywriters. Just so they are clear to all their clients that their primary focus is NOT to sell, but to be creative and entertain. Be honest.


If you’re an advertising agency on Madison Ave that needs ‘copywriters’, you’re looking for communication and advertising majors fresh out of college that have a portfolio specializing in creative copywriting – they write cool words for McDonalds ads that primarily… you guessed it – entertain.


If you’re looking for direct mail, sales letters, sales emails, email autoresponders, clickfunnel pages, website copy……. you need a SALES COPYWRITER aka DIRECT-RESPONSE copywriter.

They’ve been trained to make readers take an ACTION. That action? —> BUY. NOW.

If you need them, you’re looking NOT necessarily for younger grads, but more likely people that have 4-7 years of experience on their belt… these copywriters don’t often have any degrees in English, journalism or communications. Some have a background in sales and marketing. But even more shocking, most have worked in the actual industry itself. It’s not uncommon for a doctor or pharmacist to switch into selling supplements later in their life —> Health and wellness copywriting. Or a stockbroker writing —-> financial service copy. Or a solar panel sales rep —-> writing copy for their solar panel facebook ads. They usually don’t come from writing itself. But they do have a DEEP understanding of their target market, their ideal customers, their customers problems, painpoints and what keeps them up at night. And they write to that. That’s the essence of copywriting.

Also NOTE: some of these copywriters are terrible at regular fancy-schmancy writing. But good sales copywriting is about writing CLEARLY. These type of people can write easy-to-understand language for everyday consumers that buy stuff and take action. Don’t expect them to write a novel but they can write one heck of a sales letters that brings in the cashhhh, that’s for sure.

That’s a wrap. #albertisreal

I hope I learned you something. If you did, give it a like below. If you want to share the article too? that would be awesome.

What was your biggest takeaway from this article? Let me know in the comments. Also, what did I miss? Let’s discuss, I’m always open to learning. Let me know in the comments section below.

Have a stellar day.


Albert the copywriter

P.S. You can read more of my stuff at my blog – Reach out to me at albert@albertgkurian or visit my website if you need a top-notch direct-response copywriter. Not on upwork. Not on fiverr. The top guns don’t use those anyway. You deserve better copy. You deserve more sales. More ROI. Don’t wait. Cheers

4 thoughts on “Content vs. Copywriting: SLAMMING the door once. and. for. all.

  1. Thanks for explaining that, Albert. I really only write fiction, but I am looking at other types of writing as well. I will, indeed, keep a copy of this close. Very informative.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome, I’m so happy that helped Naomi!

      I would LOVE to write fiction like You one day, I’ll check out your books for sure!

      Fiction writers should definitely get help when needed from copywriters. How? For eg–> Picking a title! That title needs to GRAB a readers attention… whether brick and mortar (Barnes & Noble)… or these days.. digitaly (Amazon).

      Cheers 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, Albert. I’m new to writing so haven’t got to the business side of it yet. I just wrote a novel I wanted to write, so still figuring it all out. Not to mention all the social media stuff! It’s a jungle out there.


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