1 Powerful Mental Toughness Tool from Avengers Endgame

Note: There are 2 Endgame spoiler in this article and 1 infinity war spoiler below. I’ve noted it below in brackets –> feel free to SKIP those sentences when you come across it. You’ve been warned now. Also… you definitely should have seen Infinity War by now c’mon man.

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So if you’ve read some of my other posts on this blog, this one will get raw…

What to expect in this post:

  • a “serious” thank you
  • an honest gratitude for a goateed-man
  • a somber shoutout to the person behind Marvel’s success
  • and lastly… my 2 intimate thoughts while watching Endgame… including 1 powerful mental toughness tool you can learn and apply in your life today.


First, I want to thank Marvel for putting on one of the BEST franchises ever…


Some movies do a trilogy (Matrix).

Some replace the main guy when he gets old (James Bond)

Some do a trilogy and then a trilogy of prequels after… (Lord of the Rings)

Some do that^ then years later replace the older ppl with younger ppl… (Star Wars).

But Marvel, went above and beyond… seriously

They crafted an ENTIRE universe of characters, gave em’ each movies…

Image result for marvel avengers cast
So many amazing cast members!!

and THEN… combined them all into a 4-part epic known as… The Avengers Series:

  • Avengers
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Avengers: Infinity Wars
  • Avengers: Endgame

Beautiful. Thank you Marvel. Seriously… Thank you.

Secondly, I would like to thank Robert Downey Jr…

It has come to my attention…

that there is 1 person for the success of Marvel…

As you know, the 1st movie in the Marvel franchise was…

Image result for ironman

That’s right, the cocky-ass Tony Stark himself.

It was his charisma and stellar performance in Iron Man 1 that validated Marvel.

The success of Iron Man allowed Marvel to get continued funding from investors to produce… Thor, Captain America, etc and eventually…

fulfill the dream-team of… Avengers.

So we owe another round of kudos to that goateed man. Thanks Tony.

[Endgame Spoiler] This is why the Marvel writers give Ironman the ultimate moment of glory in Endgame —> the moment that saves everyone from Thanos after he acquires the Infinity Stones again. They gave it to Ironman… because he started this whole damn franchise. It’s only natural he end it as well.

And although there weren’t any post-credit scenes in Endgame, there was a sound at the very end of the credits that have fans buzzing with rumors … that it was a soundbite of Tony from Iron Man 1 – clanging his hammer on the very first Iron Man suit in the cave when Tony was held hostage…

And lastly, a somber round of thanks to Excelsior…

Stan Lee. You were the Creator, the inception, the cameo. Thank you Stan Lee.

Okay.. that’s a wrap with the thank you’s…

Now let’s shift into….

2 intimate moments I had when I watched Endgame…first up…


  • In Endgame, Hawkeye and Black Widow find out the truth about the Soul Stone; and they each try to do the valiant thing by sacrificing themselves…
Image result for hawkeye black widow soul stone

This hit me hard.

And I’ll tell you why.

The Soul stone is the only stone where you have to give up something you love.

[Infinity War Spoiler] In Infinity Wars, Thanos gave up his daughter Gamora to get the Soul Stone. And he got it.

In Endgame, Hawkeye and Black Widow find out the truth about the Soul Stone and they also have to make a tough decision, like Thanos did in the previous movie…

You have to give up something you love, to get your Soul.

And that’s when it hit me.

I kinda lost my soul, because I couldn’t give up something…my ex.

Over the past year or so, I admitted to my close group of friends that I had a tough time getting over my ex.

While watching Endgame, I realized that if I never let her go, I am only holding back my own life.

And to claim my soul back, I must fully let her go.

I recently took a step in that direction.

I sat down with 3 of my closest friends, Robin, Josh, and a bottle of wine, and I told them…

“I’m going to get over my ex for good. I’m going to delete her number, emails and remove myself from any of her social accounts

Image result for wine not gif
ily courtney cox ❤

There was plenty of wine and cheese (the wine definitely helped lol)

And my friends watched me as I …

  • removed her as a yelp friend
  • deleted all the pictures I had of her from my phone & facebook
  • deleted all of our emails, and the contact gmail had created for her (google tracks everything bruh)
  • threw away the Cirque Du Soleil keychain from my keyring (that circus was where I met her)…
  • and finally deleted and blocked her phone number (this helps get rid of any temptation of wanting to text her, and prevents any of her incoming texts)

I challenge you.

If there is anything holding you back, take a hard look in the mirror.

Take some time. Write it down. Tell a friend. Heck, drink some wine like I did.

When you’re ready, ask yourself …

Is it worth holding onto… if it holds you back? From your full potential? Literally claiming your soul forever hostage?


Get your soul back.

Let go of what you love and get your fu*king soul back.

There’s an overused cliche that goes…

“If you love something, let it go. [and] If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever”

That’s cute. But I need to clarify something.

You can’t just let it go…you must also KILL IT in your mind.

Don’t expect it to come back. That’s the attitude I’m taking and I hope you do too.

Okayyyy, let’s go to #2…


[Endgame Spoiler] Towards the end, there is a grand war scene between everyone who has come back from life vs. all of Thanos’s weird ugly aliens..

Image result for avengers big battle scene

Basically good vs. evil.

This reminded me of the Bible (put aside any of your religious beliefs, there is non-religious application here, promise).

The grand battle scene in Endgame reminded how during the end of the world, as described in Revelations, there will be a legendary battle between the forces of good and evil.

I saw this as an analogy – to the battle of good vs. bad emotions we experience on a daily basis…

Picture some bad emotions you’ve felt (depression, anxiety, hate, etc.)

And picture every opposite of that…….. (happy, calm, love, etc.)

Now picture both the good and the bad emotions, like soldiers, battling each other 1 on 1

Like Light vs. dark…

or Angels vs. demons…

or even Light wolf vs. Dark wolf….

Image result for light vs dark

Whatever 2-sided analogy you want to use.

I’ve started to employ this mental strategy in my life and it’s done wonders.

If you ever feel sad, I want you to picture sad vs. happy in your head, like the wolves in the picture.

Or if you’re doubting yourself, I want you to picture yourself confident (doubt vs. confidence).

Or even if you ever have a suicidal thought (dark wolf) …

.. I want you to think (light wolf)… how the world would never get a chance to witness your greatness, your beauty, your intelligence, your divine purpose of why you are here, the wonderful contributions you will make to this planet, and all the amazing people waiting for you to express your 1 and only unique gift to this world (taking your life vs. living your life).

Say that^ to yourself and suicide never had a chance (if you do need help, please know there are people you can talk to anytime about suicide prevention).

Just remember, for every negative emotion you feel, there is an equally opposite, positive, life-changing, yet MORE POWERFUL emotion that is fighting for you. On your behalf. In your head. Find it. And encourage it. Speak over that negativity.

Speak over those demons.

Speak over the sadness. the doubt. the anxiety. the stress. the fear. the hesitation. the hate. the pain.

Those demons are fighting… Angels!

Angels that are slashing their swords.

Battalions of angels that are bringing the happiness, the confidence, the calmness, the peace, the courage, the decisiveness, the love.

They are fighting and destroying every negative emotion.

That’s how I want you to think – anytime you feel that negative thought come your way. Use that strategy and let me know if it works.


Your turn! What were your favorite parts of Endgame? Which parts gave ya the feels? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you haven’t done so already, please like and follow this blog if you would like to be notified of new posts like this. No spam ever.


Albert the copywriter

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