Grant Cardone uses ESP and why you should too…

This post is for:

  • blog owners thinking about creating an email list and don’t know where to start
  • business owners who recently decided they need to email their customers
  • biz owners who have a current ESP and are looking to switch, maybe your business goals have changed, market restrictions, etc.
  • people who want to know which ESP really big influencers like Grant Cardone and others use

First, is email even worth it?

  • Hell freaking yes. Email is one of the cheapest forms of marketing that returns the MOST amount of value (best ROI, it’s even better than social media)

Ok, so how do I create an email list?

  • spend 100s of hours learning how to code, become a developer and make your own
  • or, use an ESP šŸ™‚

Don’t I need a big list to start?

  • Nope. Start now.
  • You can build your list by publishing [quality] content (blogs, podcasts, videos – at the end, place a CTA for your followers to subscribe to your list. BOOM. Now you can use an ESP to notify them of… new content! Your biggest followers won’t mind the emails IF you’re giving them real value)
  • And if you’re willing to invest, you can also rent out email lists from other people and businesses in your similar niche. This is a good jumpstart technique to get you rolling.

Ok, WHAT’S an ESP?

  • Email Service Provider ~ they manage your email list and give you fancy tools and the software to send out emails!

Hmmm ok, why should I use this ESP thingy?

Well, they…

  • have ready-to-use templates
  • can automate most, maybe all of your emails (with a limit)
  • create autoresponders (templated emails that are sent to new subscribers, confirmation emails from when they buy something, etc.)
  • track if an email was opened or not (this helps you test which emails “worked” or not. aka A/B testing)
  • provide another form of ‘marketing’ – advertising your services, letting people know about content and stuff ~ communication is important!
  • basically assist you with ’email marketing’, but not all ESP’s are created equal…

Gotcha, so what are the best companies?

  • tricky… it depends on what you want

That’s enough of the Q&A style haha. But that last point was a good one.

What do you want?

Before we get into that, let’s shock your brain…

I’m a big proponent of exposure….

So I’m about to expose your mind……..

Don’t get overwhelmed. Just let those eyes glide over this………..

shortlist of AWESOME ESPs from some Bigtime Influencers like 10X Grant Cardone…

  • Mailchimp (most name recognition, the eBay of ESP’s, people use it, but popularity is dwindling…)
  • Klaviyo (the Amazon of ESP’s, they’re blowing up like Jeff Bezos back in the day, and plus… they’re savvy marketers…)
  • InfusionSoft (this company is still around, this is the old-school corporate ESP, but people like 10X icon Grant Cardone use it, and civilian SEAL simulation training company SEALFIT also use it!)
  • Ontramail by Ontraport (Garret J. White, CEO of Wake up Warrior uses it, and they have THOUSANDS of contacts; from what I know, this is the best new-school corporate ESP; Mark Divine, creator of SEALFIT uses this for his personal emails)
  • Aweber (Jason Capital author of High Status and teacher of High-income skills uses it; Mike from CriticalBench also uses this one)
  • Sendgrid (Bryan ‘Wonka’ Dulaney of the Perfect funnel system and 2comma award winner uses this – this ESP seems to integrate well with Clickfunnels)
  • ActiveCampaign (huge in Clickfunnel community, except it’s not affiliate friendly)
  • GetResponse (again, huge in Clickfunnel community AND it is affiliate friendly, yay!)

Here’s what I know.

A lot of ESPs (email companies) will startcha out on a FREE plan.

Hook, bait, and they gotcha.

Free is good, but they know if they give you something free, you’ll start with them and be committed for the long-term.

As your following grows, then they start charging you.

So… which one should I pick?


Any ESP could help you.

But it really depends on what you want…

Features. Features. Features.

What FEATURES do you want sir..

  • ready-to-use templates
  • free… to start out with??
  • integrations (CRM – sales stuff, shopify ~ecommerce, etc.)
  • dashboards (a nice visual display when you log in) if it matters!
  • free tracking (some ESPs are free, but to track they may add on extra fees…)
  • best bang for buck (which is cheapest < 1000 contacts, has android app etc.)
  • which are most adaptable (can you add designs, can you save specific emails)
  • which don’t brand (do you want an ad for MAILCHIMP on the bottom of all your emails…)
  • mobile friendly (this is a BIG one, most people view emails on phones now more than traditional desktops and laptops, and some ESP’s don’t handle that as well)

Ask yourself what features you want. Then find the ESP that meets most if not all of those features! On a nice and easy-to-understand feature grid like this. Simple.

And listen, you may get it wrong the first time. That’s ok.

Pick one and get started. You can always switch later. Wait… is switching anytime important to you? Great, add that to your list of features. The best ESP’s will accommodate that. Because they care and want your business. forever.

I’m not an expert on recommending ESPs. But where I can help, is the actual writing of the emails! That’s my specialty šŸ™‚ But if you would like more info on ESPs, I found a few articles below packed with some good info:

Personally, I’m gonna try Klaviyo for this blog and my other websites (it’s free up to 250 contacts – I’ll letcha know how I like em in a future post!)

There ya go! I hope all of this information was helpful šŸ™‚

Leave any questions or comments below.

Have a great day!




P.S. If you do need a copywriter who can specifically write super clear (like in this post), I can write fantastic emails, autoresponder sequences, sales letters, social media posts… and all the works! Reach me at and/or connect with me on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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