2 RADICAL Words from Navy Seal David Goggins…

David Goggins spoke 2 life-changing words to me…

On a rainy day in Allentown, PA, March 21st, over 800 people came to hear this man speak and get their books signed; Goggins was a former NAVY Seal and ultra marathon runner with multiple world records.

I had just gotten back from Seattle the night before.

While my friends continued their Seattle trip in Vancouver, I returned early.

I regretted it somewhat as I saw my friends Ig pictures of delectable cheese curds, pretzels, more poutine, and craft beers amongst the majestic Vancouver landscape…

but all of that was a small price to pay.

To see David Goggins And look him in his Eyes.

And after two-and-a half hours waiting on line, it was finally my turn.

I walked up. Shook his hand. And we locked eyes…

In 4 seconds, I saw pure crimson pain of a man who went to Hell and back.

He was so zen… it was almost surreal.

I told him a promise I wanted to achieve (I only practiced a bazillion times on my 3 hr drive there…)

The words were weak but I didn’t fumble.

Goggins didn’t flinch.

Those fiery eyes continued to burn into my soul.

He responded back with 2 words… 

But before I tell you those 2 words, let me tell you more about David Goggins.

Because this American veteran deserves it…

David Goggins shows you how to live. How to conquer….

This man teaches you the impactful philosophy you may ever hear……..

“You can’t hurt me.”

Read that again. 

You can’t HURT me. 

Here are 6 lessons you can learn from this man who coined that mantra.

Read that. Then come back here to find out the 2 words Goggins spoke to me.

His mentality drives how he looks at others.

“You cant hurt me.”

“You cant hurt me.”

“You cant hurt me.”

That saying comes from a man who has served in EVERY branch of the US military…

  • Including Army, Navy Seals AND the Air Force
  • From a man who grew up with a physically abusive father…
  • From someone who ate donuts before coming home to his wife,
  • A former NAVY Seal that had to lose over 100 lbs in 30 days just to QUALIFY
  • That fought through but failed BUDs (the rigorous Navy Seal training program) the very first time due to life-threatening pneumonia…
  • Who used to taunt his NAVY Seal instructors and get in their heads…
  • Someone who finished a ultra marathon running on BROKEN feet…

And Someone who never stops running. 

No matter HOW Loud the noise. 

Because you can’t hurt him. 

And no one can hurt you either. 

Unless you let them. 

Those two words he said to me?

“Roger That

Drive to Allentown – 3 hrs, Hearing him speak and do Q&A- 2 hrs, Waiting on line – another 2 hrs
this 4 second moment… priceless.

You don’t need anyone’s validation in this world, but moments like these mean a lot. Thank you @Davidgoggins. Also thank you for coming to Allentown on March 21st and not only spending the entire day speaking to the kids at EEACS, Executive Education Academy Charter School, but then also speaking to 800 people (I being 1 of them), doing Q&A, AND signing all of their books #boss. You are true class David Goggins.

Now back to you.

You fat lazy poor whatever excuse-making you.

(That’s what Goggins would say!)

If you’re tired of the fu*king noise,

Cover art

And you want better strategies on mental toughness,

And you want to push yourself BEYOND your limits, 

then you can’t afford NOT to get his bestselling book that is rated 5-stars from over 2480 reviews on Amazon. Get it here.

I’ll leave you with 1 final question. 

What do you want to achieve?

You: [insert Your response]

Goggins: “Roger that.”


Because they can’t hurt you. 

Even if they tried. 


Albert the Copywriter

P.S. Goggins is speaking in NYC at an exclusive event, May 18th, jam-packed with other power speakers you won’t wanna miss. The weekend package is already sold out, but limited tickets are still available to hear him speak along with others like Super Bowl 50 champion, Omar Boldin and JuicePress CEO, Marcus Antebi hosted by Brian Mazza of High Performance Lifestyle Tranining.

Get tickets to see Goggins here.

Join David Goggins and hear from all these amazing speakers. Tickets are running out.
Grab yours today.

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