Change the way he looks at you.

This musical changed the way I looked at women, forever…

Thursday night an instagram ad appeared for “broadway roulette: spin for $59 tickets.”

I was targeted, ugh. I clicked it, ugh.

and it changed how I look at women forever, not ugh but like “oooohhh hell noo”

Back to the ad… See a random broadway show for $59? I’m in.

What’s the caveat.

You’ll only find out the show the day OF.

Hows that for spontaneity.

But you get to cross of 4 shows you don’t want to see AND…’re guaranteed to never repeat a show you already saw through broadwayroulette <—————Check ’em out

Fast forward Sunday morning I open my email and it’s…


Image result for chicago the musical

yay! I have always wanted to see this. Especially since the movie with Richard Gere is very hyped by many people I know!!

If you’ve never heard about this musical…

Chicago is a crime comedy drama set in the 1940’s about…

  • sex
  • scandal
  • media frenzy
  • powerful women
  • gossip… ooooo!
  • all against a backdrop of…
  • black dresses
  • fishnets
  • high-heels
  • high-contrast lighting
  • and the sexiest women ever (and by sexy I mean their personality + their looks)

So why should you bring your boyfriend to see Chicago?

Why should you forever alter his perception about women?

How can this musical change the way he looks at you?

Let’s get into it.



The two main stars, Velma and Roxie, are feisty, intelligent and awesome.

Velma has one of the most badass women personalities ever.

She’s cutthroat, a #boss, and relentlessly pursues her goals.

Roxie, on the other hand, starts off innocent and ambitious, but as her fame grows so does her confidence and cockiness.

The real magic though… is the jealous tension that develops between Velma and Roxie as the musical progresses.

It’s dynamite and sensually exhilarating

He’ll think twice before he condescends your intelligence… Number 2


This made me scared of every woman. Throughout all of mankind. Dead or alive.

But it also got me kinda turned on… can I say that?

‘Cell Block Tango’ is a musical number in ACT 1 that you will NEVER FORGET.

See the below video clip (this is from the movie – 2002 Miramax Motion Picture Chicago. No CopyRight Intended)

‘Cell Block Tango’ – ACT I – Scene 4

Seriously though, don’t fuck with women.

After hearing “cell block tango”, those stories of where the guys get their **** chopped off seem like childsplay.

Also, what guy wants his di** cut off? No one. Not one guy.

That brings us to my next point that..


Several references are made throughout the musical about the grittiness of Chicago.

I thought they did a good job capturing that.

More importantly, women can be gritty, tough and even tougher than a lot of men.

Throughout the musical, there was dark lighting, black & slick outfits, and everyone had a old gangster drawl to their accents which I liked 😀

The gritty girls will also shock your world.

Time to use the bathroom for point #4…

4. I NEED TO PEE!! Oh shut up you boy.

Spoiler: This is NOT particulary about the musical, but it’s important I promise.

The bathrooms at this theater are terrible.

If you need to pee, make sure you run to the bathroom after intermission.

Or don’t drink water.

Even the guys bathroom had a line. Yup. It was that bad.

But it did make me appreciate how bad women have it when using the bathroom literally ANYWHERE.

So hence, #4 is a damn good reason why MEN need to see Chicago.

Last but certainly not least…


If you’re a woman that likes ripped, naked, sexy guys..

then look no further.

This musical has chock full of ’em.

In addition to the themes of womens’ rights and gender equality,

you will definitely not mind the additional ‘eye candy’ that just adds to the sex appeal of this musical hehe.

It will also remind him to work out his dad bod cuz summer’s a comin…


So there you have it.

If this musical DOESN’T awake something in your man and changes the way he looks at you then…


Seriously. Dump him. You deserve better.

If you’re a guy reading then boy do you need to step your game up.

So there you have it. 5 reasons to bring your boyfriend or that pathetic chump you’re dating to see Chicago the musical.

I loved Chicago and I would personally see it again 🙂

If you are interested in seeing Chicago or your next Broadway play at a RIDICULOUS discount, then check out:

Broadway Roulette –

  • $59 tickets
  • Tickets sent straight to your mobile device
  • Online convenience (no need to wait on line, like at the TKTS booths)
  • and my favorite… Never see a show you already saw!!

Would you like to see Chicago? Would you like to bring your man to this musical?

Let me know in the comments below.


Albert the copywriter

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