3x NBA Champion plays LAST Game Ever (Update: we’re crying!)

Dear NBA fan, 

Besides Chris Paul, Iverson would probably only allow 1 other player to wear his infamous #3. And you could see this player electrify 19,000 Brooklyn and Miami fans for a once-in-a lifetime, historic night in NBA history for less than $1.83…

3 NBA Championships. 13-time All-Star Appearances. And the King’s best friend.

He had flash, zip, zag. The most beautiful midrange shot, and he broke ankles left, right, up, and down. 

Also known as the ”The Flash”, he dazzled fans for over 15 years in Miami Beach.

And he may play his last game ever, in NYC. 

Who knows if he tossed ping pong balls in the air with a sick-follow thru while at Marquette?

I don’t know. 

But back in 2003, he did drop a 29-11-11 triple-double against the #1 ranked Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA Tournament. 

That triple-double was only the 4th in NCAA Tournament history. 

Marquette doesn’t retire jerseys till after a student graduates.

But they retired his at a home game against Providence. 

No one can ever wear #3 again at Marquette. 

He was drafted in one of THE MOST, TALENT-PACKED drafts EVER, with household names like..

Lebron James, Darko Milicic, Carmelo Anthony, Bosh, Korver, Diaw, David West, Hinirch, and even Matt BONNER.

(Ok last one was for fun but I’ll fight you on Bonner’s PER).

But although he was drafted BEHIND Lebron, Carmelo ’n Bosh at pick 5… 

“Pookie” overtook the league and became #1:

In just his third season, he led the Heat in 2006 against a dangerous 7ft Nowitzki, who was in his PRIME, from an 0-2 deficit, and he rallied Heat nation back to win 4-2 over the Mavs.

So he was the FIRST in his draft class, to get a ring.

He also led his team in scoring averaging 34.7 points in those 2006 Finals, the 3rd-highest in Finals history. 

And he’s coming to the Barclay’s Center for what could be his LAST NBA game. 

No one ever forgets the infamous USA Redeemed Team, stacked with the best NBA players like,

Lebron, Kobe, CP3, Bosh, Carmelo, and Jason Kidd…

And no one forgets that our red-white-and blue put on the BEST show by kicking the world’s butt

And we showed why ‘Murica IS and will ALWAYS BE the best at ball. 

But everyone forgets who led Team USA in scoring…

He beat BOTH Kobe and Lebron, scoring 128 pts throughout the 2008 Olympics…

From high school in Oak Lawn, Illinois.. to getting ‘chips in South Beach, Florida…

THE hometown favorite that surpassed the previous long-time hero, Alonzo “Zo” Mourning…

Alongside Pitbull, one could argue he is literally the FACE of the 305.

And also alongside that face is his sexy and talented wife, Gabrielle Union.

He is the epitome of Miami Style, South Beach, the 305, palm trees, margaritas and a cool breeze…

and he’s coming on April 10th for his last NBA regular-season game. 

The Heat are BARELY holding on for 8th place with 2 other teams, the Magic and Hornets, only 1 game behind. 

And they both beat the Heat in a tiebreak.

The Heat are 1-2 against both the Magic and Hornets. 

Since the Heat may not make the playoffs, April 10th could be his last game. Fans are realizing this and are rushing to buy the remaining tickets.

But you could be there to witness..

One of the greatest players in NBA history do something INCREDIBLE…
* a man who made Marquette alter their jersey-retirement process
* a man who gave Miami their 1ST EVER championship in team history
* the man that Lebron James wanted to play and learn from
* the first of the first Big Three in NBA history
* one of the best 2-way players of all time
* # 10 in All-Time Playoff Points Scored
* # 30 on the NBA All-Time Scoring List
* the 2008 NBA Scoring Champ
* a 3-time NBA champion
* 8-time All-NBA Team
* the 2006 Finals MVP
* a 13-time All-Star
* a GQ cover model
* the Face of Miami

He is Dwayne Wade.

And he’s coming to Barclays, April 10th.

With 17 games left, Wade could pass Elgin Baylor to become the 29th NBA All-TIme Scoring Leader, that very same night. 

To see this once-in-a lifetime moment, 

you can experience Wade drop an amazing performance for less than $1.83/day.

For 1 ticket, you could buy a bottle of single-malt Sotch, drink it with your friends, and STILL have money leftover to buy 2 trays of chicken and rice.

At $1.83/day, that’s less than a cup of coffee at some hip coffee shop.

If you want to invest in seeing The Flash, 3-time champion, Best friend of Lebron James, in New York City, for what could be his last ever game, 

then click this link and claim your ticket via Ticketmaster: https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/00005501A3E44ACD?dma_id=345&brand=nba&extcmp=gw504428&wt.mc_id=NBA_LEAGUE_NETS_GOOGLE_ONE_PRI&utm_source=NBA.com&utm_medium=client&utm_campaign=NBA_LEAGUE_NETS&utm_content=GOOGLE_ONE_PRI#


Fans are quickly realizing it could be Wade’s last game, and there are less than 200 100 tickets remaining. Since you’re my friend, I wanted to let you know ASAP. Sites like Ticketmaster and StubHub are expected to DRAMATICALLY raise their prices within the NEXT 2 DAYS.

By buying within the next 3 days, you could save over 57%, almost $60, to view the 3-time champion and Miami legend, Dwayne Wade play what could be his last ever NBA game.

I’ve already bought my ticket to Barclays. I hope you will be there to witness history too.

Albert the copywriter

P.S. When Kobe retired, D-wade bought him a year’s worth of Netflix. What will Kobe gift Wade? Kobe, Lebron, and other famous NBA legends could be in attendance that night…

Update 5/2/19 – this was a great game and great performance by Wade – He got a TRIPLE DOUBLE!! Thank you Dwayne Wade for everything you’ve done for basketball and the community.

Now grab a tissue box and watch this poignant Wade tribute ad by VaynerMedia. (GaryVee is building something brilliant at that agency – hats off to you Gary) You can also watch it below. Cheers

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