Hi, Grab a Puke Bag!

What’s YOUR special gift in the universe…

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Far, far, far away, in the Pandextrous Galaxy, there was a little boy named Jackula who lived on the planet Tooarm.

The Pandextrous galaxy was about 2 light years from Earth.

So like, far.

Tooarm was charming.

When one wakes up, you see 4 rainbow suns lighting the hazy, blue atmosphere of Tooarm while 4-horned skrillows cock-a-doodle-screech a morning song past your window.

It’s nice.

Jackula was a little mustard-colored alien boy, like all the other mustard-colored people on Tooarm.

But Jackula wasn’t born like all the other kids on Tooarm.

Jackula was born with a rare genetic condition, tribrachialexpialidocious.

Basically Jackula had an extra 3rd arm, and this planet named their diseases very long.

In fact, this condition was so rare that only 1% of all people on Tooarm had this.

All throughout his life, Jackula, was made to feel different.

Like he didn’t belong.

His 3rd arm slowed him down.

Until he realized, he wasn’t different, he was unique.

With his 3 arms, he could do things other people on Tooarm could do.

He could benchpress AND be his own spotter.

He could scratch his OWN back.

And well, let’s say his 3rd hand was a hit with the ladies…

Ultimately, Jackula realized his uniqueness was his strength.

Jackula was created to shine in his own way.

Jackula was cool.

Just like Jackula, you have a special gift that was only gifted to you…


As an INFJ, I’ve always been lost in spacethought.

(if you don’t know what an INFJ is, it’s 1 of 16 personalities based on the Myers-Briggs theory, click here to find out yours)

One day in class, I remember I was deeply lost in spacethought,

my 10th grade Italian Teacher Mr. Veneroni looked at me and said,

“Albert, you’re always thinking

“You’re always somewhere else

And I looked right back at him in his dark-brown Italian eyes and said,

“Si professor, sto sempre pensando.”

Which basically meant “yes, I’m thinking dude.”

That would have been cool.

But I didn’t say that.

I was off in another dimension, startled like a deer in headlights.

I looked at him and awkwardly chorted out a half-chuckle, then looked away.

(But hey Mr. Veneroni, look, my Italian got better!)

Little did he know… I too, was from a planet named Tooarm.

And just like Jackula, I was diagnosed with a beautiful condition that affects only 1% of the population.

This rare condition, was my strength.

A superpower strength that would let me shine in my own way.

I was – an INFJ.

And recently, I’ve found out that many INFJs… become writers!

Hmm, if only I had been pushed or challenged…

“MAKE that video. SPEAK that podcast.

WRITE that blog!”

Oh wait, someone DID challenge me!

Russel Brunson said that to me and 300 others at WarriorCon 2 in November 2017.

I always thought:

  • I wasn’t good enough.
  • Or, “Who would wanna read this?”
  • “Who am I, to start a blog…”
  • [insert excuses]
  • [and more excuses]
  • [and more]
  • [you get the point…]

but the bottom line was…

When it came to excuses, I was CHOCK-full of them

Enough excuses.

Don’t care about others judgments’ about you.

I love to write and it’s now March 2019 so… better late than never @Russelbrunson

Whoever is reading this, I hope you sincerely know…

Live your life on YOUR terms and no one else’s…

And until Elon Musk* builds MindX,

where you can travel inside another person’s mind,

a blog will do just fine. Thank you @wordpress!

*If Elon Musk or Christopher Nolan are reading this… let me come work for you, for FREE! (I’m dead serious – email me – albert@albertgkurian.com)

Ok fangirl moment over…

Below are some frequently asked questions about my writing…


“Can you tone it down… this is TMI”

“You’re hurting your brand

“Mr. Kurian, we would like you to apply for our premium American Express Platinum Card”

FTA (Frequently Truthful Answers…)

“(Rips up AMEX letter in half)”

“My brand is me, not what you think it should be.”

“No. I will not tone it down. This is me. I am expressing my God-given gift to speak the truth, write, inspire and lead. Shine YOUR light.”

Closing Remarks… Hi! Grab a puke bag

If I offend you, good.

If I challenge you, good.

If I make you squirm, feel uncomfortable and cause your mind to stretch because of the raw shit you’re about to consume,

then good God Almighty- good.

Grab a puke bag for future posts.

“Step right up! Getcha puke bags, puke bags, getcha puke bags here.”

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For copy writing services, please email albert@albertgkurian.com

‘Know thyself’

“If I knew myself, I’d run away.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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